December 2013


Version 4.5 of Bounce Metronome Pro - new features include Tuplets, Euclidean Rhythm, Rhythm Sequences, Polyrhythmic drum machine, and Velocity Tuning Keyswitches - and many bug fixes - last updated 8th January 2014

Youtube Video

Wow Such Bounce! - Bouncing Doge, with Sleighbells, Santa, & Reindee & Cutie Bird bouncing in 3:4:5:23 polyrhythm - the Cutie Bird does the 23 beats to a measure, quietly for a light continuous sleighbell sound

Here is Bounce Metronome 4.5 with the rhythm sequences,  tuplets, polyrhythmic drum machine, Euclidean rhythms, and many other new features I've been working on for the last six months

Minor updates on Wednesday 8th and Monday  6th Januray 2014 - fixes some minor bugs and minor new features.

To download visit the Download page. Direct link:  Setup_Bounce_Metronome_w.exe

Minor update on Wednesday 25th December 2013 - this fixes a bug introduced with the last upload, that disabled the unlock window so you couldn't start the test drive or unlock the program with your unlock key.

Minor update on Sunday 22nd December - some bug fixes, minor new options, added new sprites to the sprites folder (Reindeer, Santa, Doge)

Minor update on Monday 16th December - mainly bug fixes, including a fix for a possible stack fault so is worth updating if you have the 7th December version - also added option to adjust the width of the line for the new option to highlight each beat as it is played. For details see the change log.

Youtube Video

Euclidean rhythms: Tressillo, Indian dhamar tal clapping pattern and a Bulgarian pattern as a polymeter

Major new features include:

• You can now enter tuplets as music notation, including complex tuplets like 7:5 (7 notes in the time of 5), nested tuplets etc.

• Can now play sequences of any of the Boumce Metronome rhythms on eafter another.

• New option to set it up as a "polyrhythmic drum machine" - this is just an easy way to set up the blocks display with lots of identical parts, which you can click on to play or skip beats like a drum machine.

• New window to make Euclidean Rhythms, this is a discovery by  Godfried Toussaint a few years back, of an easy way to make man of the rhythms used in music world wide with irregular beat patterns.

• New experimental "Velocity Tuning Keyswitches" featire - this is an idea for a new way to update instrument tuning tables via midi using high numbered keyswitches, just the notes 126 and 127 to send the entire tuning table - and you can download a script to set up most Kontakt instruments to respond to these messages (work in progress).

• Also many other minor features, improvements in the ui and many bug fixes - updated 22nd June 2013

To download visit the Download page. Direct link:  Setup_Bounce_Metronome_w.exe

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