February 2013


Music for sequences in the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Youtube Video

Gijswijt's sequence (A090822 in the OEIS) as a melody with Tune Smithy

I've just recently made some videos of music for sequences in the OEIS. Most were sloth canon sequences, as that's what Tune Smithy can do most easily. But have also done a couple of sequences suggested by Neil Sloane.

This one, Gijswijt's sequence, I thought was particularly interesting rhythmically, so suitable to share here on the Bounce Metronome blog.

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Mandelbulb 3D fractal "Follow Me" by Torsten Stier with Golden Ratio 'cello tune from Tune Smithy

Play list as separate files

I've just recently experimented with using the Tune Smithy fractal tunes along with 3D fractals by others, made with Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb 3D, and this is the result - the audio for the first video is a fractal using a fibonacci rhythm (so no fixed measure size at any level).

The original for the first video is here:  Torsten Stier - "follow me!" It's a stunning video isn't it :). It's released under the CC By Share Alike license. All I did is to change the audio track for the video. The audio tracks used I release under the CC By license (see below) - though the demo tunes in Tune Smithy can be used without any attribution if you convert them to audio yourself.  

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Mac Santiago's Diminishing Click and Decreasing Click

Youtube Video

4/4 with decreasing click - fades away to silence every four measures

With his Decreasing Click shown in this vidoe, you play in the pocket at steady volume and also a steady tempo (despite decreasing click).

The aim is to stay "rhythmonous" with the click. Are still in the pocket with the click when it comes back on loud? From Chapter 1,  Lesson 5 of "Beyond the Metronome, becoming an Inchronous Musician" by Mac Santiago.

To set this up in Bounce Metronome

Choose Go Silent Briefly (Ctrl + 260) - in the Tempo drop menu. Switch on "Play then GO SILENT at Measures".  

Enter numbers of measures as
4 0
(plays for 4, silent for 0)

Switch on "Fade out from" & "Visual fade out from". Set both to fade out from 0%.

Diminishing Click

 The next one, his Diminishing Click is a far tougher exercise. You will almost certainly lose track of it at some point before the end (especially if you do it without looking at the visuals).

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Monday 18th February 2013 - upload for Bounce Metronome


18th February 

  • Adds Indian Notation to the drop list of note systems you see if you select Note Names 
  • Many improvements in the Bounce on Lyrics Metronome Type.
  • Adds SHIFT + RETURN to pause and resume a rhythm.
  • Improved version of black on white and white on black skins. Especially fixes some bugs in the white on black skin (e.g. it had the help and tool tipos still shown as black on white).
  • Easier to make folder into a skin slide show with new option: "Make FOLDER into SKIN SLIDE SHOW" to More (twice) version of Skin window

Many minor bug fixes 
See Change Log and Bug Fixes.

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Tuesday 5th February 2013 - "Mind boggling", and syncopated polyrhythms are easier to make - & new go silent briefly capabilities

Youtube Video

Polyrhythm 3:2 played as 2/6 : 3/4 - Nicely Mind Boggling but Simple Beginner's Polyrhythm - this is easier to make with the new upload - just set up a 3:2 polyrhythm and press the "Make Mind Boggling" button

This upload adds some new options to help with the "African style syncopated polyrhythms" and the "Mind boggling simple polyrhythms".

In the Go Silent Briefly (Ctrl + 260) window, you can now set it to go silent for half a measure (say) or any fraction of a measure. You can set it to fade out to silence and fade back in again (both sound and visually).

Also added support for custom note letters such as the ones for Indian note names in To Show, Sustain and controller (Ctrl + 123)

Also improved the layout of the Gradually Changing Tempo (Ctrl + 42) window, and added in some more options.

Also fixed several bugs in the Tempo and Rhythm Progressions (Ctrl + 245) window which only show up with some combinations of the settings in that window mainly to do with progressions that mix rhythms with different note values such as 4/4 and 3/16 etc, and fixed a fair number of other bugs (mostly minor).

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