Monday 18th February 2013 - upload for Bounce Metronome


18th February 

  • Adds Indian Notation to the drop list of note systems you see if you select Note Names 
  • Many improvements in the Bounce on Lyrics Metronome Type.
  • Adds SHIFT + RETURN to pause and resume a rhythm.
  • Improved version of black on white and white on black skins. Especially fixes some bugs in the white on black skin (e.g. it had the help and tool tipos still shown as black on white).
  • Easier to make folder into a skin slide show with new option: "Make FOLDER into SKIN SLIDE SHOW" to More (twice) version of Skin window

Many minor bug fixes 
See Change Log and Bug Fixes.

7th February: Bug fixes only

Most significant bugs:

  • some of the instruments like Low Agogo missing from the percussion menu in the 5th February upload
  • a bug in display of note names for the melodic / harmonic features of Bounce
  • a bug in the display of very long tied notes (longer than a double whole note, i.e. breve).

The other bugs are either likely to be rarely encountered or minor.