Tuesday 5th February 2013 - "Mind boggling", and syncopated polyrhythms are easier to make - & new go silent briefly capabilities

Youtube Video

Polyrhythm 3:2 played as 2/6 : 3/4 - Nicely Mind Boggling but Simple Beginner's Polyrhythm - this is easier to make with the new upload - just set up a 3:2 polyrhythm and press the "Make Mind Boggling" button

This upload adds some new options to help with the "African style syncopated polyrhythms" and the "Mind boggling simple polyrhythms".

In the Go Silent Briefly (Ctrl + 260) window, you can now set it to go silent for half a measure (say) or any fraction of a measure. You can set it to fade out to silence and fade back in again (both sound and visually).

Also added support for custom note letters such as the ones for Indian note names in To Show, Sustain and controller (Ctrl + 123)

Also improved the layout of the Gradually Changing Tempo (Ctrl + 42) window, and added in some more options.

Also fixed several bugs in the Tempo and Rhythm Progressions (Ctrl + 245) window which only show up with some combinations of the settings in that window mainly to do with progressions that mix rhythms with different note values such as 4/4 and 3/16 etc, and fixed a fair number of other bugs (mostly minor).


Added a new option to the Dance rhythms (Ctrl + 228) window, "Make African Style Syncopated Polyrhythm" to make it easier to make rhythms like the ones on this page: Syncopated, or beat shifted, 4 : 3 type Polyrhythms or Cross Rhythms

Added a button "Make Mind Boggling" to the polyrhythms, to make it easier to make rhythms like the Simple but Mind Boggling polyrhythm challenge on this page: Challenges for Polyrhythm Practise

Added fade in and out option for the sound to Go SILENT Briefly (Ctrl + 260). Also visual fade in or out which works by reducing the size of all the bouncing balls to fade. You can now set it to go silent for a fraction of a bar e.g. alternate 0.5 1.5 so it just plays half the measure, then silent for one and a half measures etc.

The values there for all the played and silent measures in your sequence don't have to add up to a whole number, you can also so e.g. 0.5 2 to play for half a measure, go silent for two measures (i..e. to half way through the third measure) then play for half a measure (this time it's the second half of the third measure that gets played) and so on. Even 0.5 g or 0.5 pi to play for half a measure, with the half measure chosen to get played drifting through the measure as time goes on. You can also set it to 0 for the silent measures, if you don't want it to go silent at all - this can be useful when combined with the fade in and out. E.g. set to 4 0 and then fade out all through the measures, from 0% to get Mac Santiago's Diminishing Click exercise.

Added a button "Make Mind Boggling" to count each part (and conduct it) using the count for the next part. E.g. for 2:3:5 polyrhythm, counts and displays the 2 as 3, the 3 as 5 and the 5 as 2. This is the same idea as some of the rhythms here without needing to write them as " 2/6 : 3/4" etc in Brian Ferneyhough's notation to make it work: Challenges for Polyrhythm Practise - for independence and steadiness (Video Resources)

Added support for custom note names, e.g. the Indian note names S,R,G,M,P,D,N in place of C D E F G A B. You can find this in: PC Keyboard Player - To Show, sustain and controller (Ctrl + 123)

Added new presets for the tempo and rhythm progressions - the extract from the Rite of Spring example, and also one that just goes through several interesting example rhythms.

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