Mandelbulb 3D fractal "Follow Me" by Torsten Stier with Golden Ratio 'cello tune from Tune Smithy

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I've just recently experimented with using the Tune Smithy fractal tunes along with 3D fractals by others, made with Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb 3D, and this is the result - the audio for the first video is a fractal using a fibonacci rhythm (so no fixed measure size at any level).

The original for the first video is here:  Torsten Stier - "follow me!" It's a stunning video isn't it :). It's released under the CC By Share Alike license. All I did is to change the audio track for the video. The audio tracks used I release under the CC By license (see below) - though the demo tunes in Tune Smithy can be used without any attribution if you convert them to audio yourself.  


The Golden Ratio 'Cello tune is another of the fractal tunes that come with Fractal Tune Smithy - which means you can use it for your own videos as well.. It shows the capability to play Fibonacci rhythms - these are rhythms that are highly structured on many levels, yet never repeat exactly, so there is no fixed measure size at all at any level.

The entire tune is generated fractal fashion from the short musical phrase you hear at the start of the video on the harp. It's closely related to a technique used by the Danish composer  Per Nørgård, if you are interested in the maths see: Self Similar Sloth Canon Number Sequences.


Torsten Stier's orignal post at 

My post in this discussion on 

As you see, it's an experimental test to see how it works out to combine one of the Tune Smithy fractal tunes with a 3D fractal landscape.
All I did is to change the audio track for the original movie. It is also trimmed to remove the start and end credits. That's because I used the version available here by chrometropic which you can download from vimeo:

You can get Tune Smithy from

To find out about the fractal tunes see:

Licenses for the 3D fractals

The original fractal video by Torsten Stier is released under the Creative Commons Share Alike license - so that means if you use this, you have to release it with the same license. The other fractal videos are released under creative commons licenses too, for details see the info for each youtube video.

Licenses for the audio tracks

All the audio tracks I use in that playlist are released under the Creative Commons CC By license - so you can use them for your own recordings, including commercially, only requires attribution. Details and to find some more of the audio tracks that I've released in this way see

The fractal tunes in Tune Smithy, even the demo tunes that come with the program, don't require attribution. If you save them to midi for instance and convert that to audio or record them live as played on your computer, it doesn't require attribution.

My actual realizations of those tunes to audio do require attribution however.