Tempo and Rhythm Progressions - Minor Update (December 16th 2012)

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Youtube Video

Time signatures for 51 measures of Stravinsky's "Sacrificial Dance" from Rite of Spring

Latest update 16th December 2012. This makes it much easier to work with rhythm and tempo progressions, e.g. for a song with time signature changes, say 8 measures of 5/4, then 4 measures of 2/4, then 16 measures of 4/4 or whatever. The video shows a more complicated example - the time signatures for 51 measures of Stravinsky's "Sacrificial Dance" from Rite of Spring - noted for its complex pattern of time signatures.

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Youtube Video

Rhythms Prog: 2/4, 4/4 (2 subs), 3/4 (4 subs), 6/8, 3:5, 3:5 (3 & 2 subs), 3+2+3/4 (2 subs), 4/4+7/8 - mixes many types of rhythm in the progression, the default example, and one of my test progressions while debugging the feature

Also adds some new options for the tempo and rhythm progressions. They are now in a new window of their own, separate from the Go Silent Briefly

This upload also adds some minor new script options, Also, many improvements in presentation and bug fixes for the rhythm and tempo progressions. Also adds an option to auto convert the progression into a script, with improvements and bug fixes for the script.

Since this is a minor update the version number doesn't change. You need to compare the date from Help >> About to see if this is newer than your copy.

See Change Log for all the details of whats happened, and the bug fixes.