Wikipedia article on the metronome

Just done an update of the Metronome article in wikipedia. You might like it, if interested by the video on Metronome Technique.

My contribution was to edit the introduction to make it more balanced, and to add the new section on Metronome Technique. There were many requests on the talk page for a more balanced article, so this is an attempt to help with those requests.
There is no guarantee of course that they will keep my contribution, but with 42 wikipedians watching the page, I think the changes would be reverted by now if it was likely to be reverted, and it does help answer the many complaints n the talk page that the original version of the article was too heavily biased towards criticism of metronome use.
You might also like the videos I've added the the page Meter (Music) in wikipedia. Will be uploading those to youtube as well. Just the same as the other videos here except, done them in a particularly simple style suitable for a small thumbnail on a page like that. Like the videos I did a long time ago for the wikipedia article on Polyrhythms, and seems a good idea to do a few more videos like this for wikipedia.


Hi Robert, I've left some

Hi Robert, I've left some comments for you at the wikipedia metronome talk page: -- RogerLeClerck

Hi Roger, thanks so much for

Hi Roger, thanks so much for your comments, I've replied on the talk page, also edited the article, hope it helps.

Robert (Walker)

I left a reply for you. - R.

I left a reply for you. - R.

Thanks, really interesting

Thanks, really interesting reply. Have made a first reply back but you have given me a lot to think about and those links to The Craft of Musical Communication are really interesting. More later, won't try editing the article more right now, but might have some suggestions after thinking it over what you say. Thanks!