Bounce Metronome 4.3 Update (part 2)

To find out what's new in version 4.3 of Bounce, see Bounce Metronome 4.3 Release.

Latest update 21st  November 2012. For those of you intersted in CSound - done some work on that part of the program, should make it easier to find out what to do and how to use it. This is likely to be especially useful for the harmonic metronomes - will have a go at some youtube videos using some of the CSound instruments to show what it can do.

Also improvements in the way it handles example projects - getting ready for idea to add example projects to download, or possibly in the installer, for videos on the bounce metronome resources page and on youtube. It doesn't have those yet, but hope to start to add them soon.

Also added a new option to the Go SILENT briefly and Tempo Cycles (Ctrl + 245) you can now set it to go silent briefly in one part only - or to go silent at different places in each of the parts of the rhythm. Similarly for the option to hide the bouncing balls.

To get it visit the download page

How the Go Silent update works

Some ways you could use it - you could set it to go silent on the subdivisions and still show the main beat, or go silent for all the parts except the measure beat, or set only one of the rhythms in a polyrhythm to go silent, or to set different rhythms in a polyrhythm to go silent at different times, and so on.

Also you can do the same with the bouncing balls - hide and show them in any of the parts, independently (and also independently of the Go Silent measures). All this done just by adding an option to put a part number into your list of measures to go silent or hide at, as e.g. Part 1, 2, 2 part 2 3, 3 will go silent every two measures in part 1 and every three measures in part 3. If you don't specify a part,  it applies to all parts just as before.

Also a new minor option to play the final note(s) at the end of an exported video file. Then several bug fixes.

Thought I'd start a new blog entry for this update, as the last one is getting a bit long.

See Change Log for all the details of whats happened, and the bug fixes.