Enjoyment and Relaxation in Metronome Technique

For more on this, see The Vanishing Metronome Click - Burying the Click

Here is a new video I did on enjoyment and relaxation in metronome technique. It's quite long so did it as a playlist of shorter videos. This is perhaps the highlight:


Depends on this one

Here is the full playlist played from the start

Note it has a captions option if you need it - including also machine translation - see the button at bottom right. The transcript is done for the first few video segments so far and will do the whole thing eventually.

The first video is for open questions to get people thinking and maybe come up with their own answers to the questions - gets into the technique in the later segments in the video.

As far as I know this is the first video on youtube to go into it in any detail at all - most just say how to set the metronome going and play at the same tempo and talk a bit about time signatures - though there are two books I know about devoted to metronome technique - the books by Mac Santiago and Andrew Lewis - and web pages about this subject. So you can skip forwards - though if one doesn't know about the technique already as few musicians do it seems, I think it will help to think about the open questions first.

For more on this, see The Vanishing Metronome Click - Burying the Click