Golden Ratio Rhythm with each part silent for a few measures at a time independently

Youtube Video

Golden ratio rhythm with each part going silent for several measures at a time..

 This is a feature of the public beta:  soon to be released

This is an exercise to test your ability to keep a very steady tempo (and hopefully improve it).

What you have to do is to choose one of the rhythms and tap exactly in time with it and then continue your taps through the silences. Are you exactly in time with the clicks for your part next time it resumes?<--break->

The silences and played sections in each part get gradually shorter, then longer again then shorter again in cycles.

If possible, your taps should merge with the played sounds - so close that every single one of your taps is neither before nor behind the click but exactly in time so that it sounds like a single note. That helps to synchronise the tempo exactly - it also means you are aware even if you are only out by a few milliseconds when the rhythm resumes.

Also - is anyone able to keep in time with two of these rhythms simultaneously one with each hand in the same way? Or even more than two??

For more details see the info for the video.