March 2012


New sprite animation options

Youtube Video

Sorlo, a Funny Sorceror - bouncing in a conducting pattern for 4/4

This is the new updated sprite feature which will be in the next upload of Bounce Metronome. I've uploaded several sprite videos to youtube and will add them to the web site.

I've also uploaded many other example videos of various types to youtube, upload usually several times a week, so if you are interested in the Bounce Metronome videos - maybe because you have a Mac and can't get it for Windows or just like them - then you might want to subscribe to my youtube channel :). 


More Pygmie Music

You might like these too :)

Efe People's Rhythms and Polyrhythms

It's a playlist of an hour and a half of Pygmie music with lots nicie rhythms including many polyrhythms - they are noted for their polyrhythms. The tuning of the music is also interesting for those interested in microtonal music.

See Efe People and Efe People of the Ituri forest for more about the people who make this music ]