Fibonacci rhythms, sonified pendulum waves, options of interest to instrument tuners, and other new options and bug fixes

Youtube Video

This brings together ideas from Theremin's Rhythmicon and the lovely pendulum waves.

A pendulum wave has pendulums with strings of varying length, which swing back and forth each at a different rate to make these beautiful patterns.

This video uses bouncing balls instead, bouncing at 52, up to 66 beats per measure. Each ball plays one of the harmonics of the harmonic series.

The Fibonacci rhythms are of interest as a new type of rhythm you probably haven't encountered before, a new idea you might find useful.

The harmonic interval trainer / tester and pitch sensitivity tester are of interest for instrument tuners. The interval tester helps you listen to the beats you get when you play two notes together as a chord - with an option to boost selected partials to help you hear the beats more clearly.

The sonified pendulum waves are just fun and cool. You can also play them like the rhythmicon sounding or muting individual parts using the PC Keyboard. So it's an extension of the rhythmicon idea but starting with e.g. 52 beats to a measure instead of 1 beat to a measure.

Also added some new tempo script options, and some other minor features. For details of all this read on.

Fibonacci rhythm

To find this go to More Windows and Options in the Rhythms drop menu for the Pro Bounce Metronome.

The Fibonacci rhythm is a highly structured rhythm, but the structure never repeats exactly, and it isn't based around any fixed measure size of any description.

See my blog about it here Fibonacci Rhythm - no bar pattern, highly structured but never repeats - played on harmonic

The version of this in Bounce Metronome however is based around a fixed measure size. It creates a fragment of a Fibonacci rhythm which then repeats over and over.

This is for techy reasons. I would like to program it to play an endless Fibonacci rhythm as well, but don't quite see how to do it yet. Tune Smithy can play fibonacci rhythms endlessly but I haven't yet figured out a way to get the bounce visuals to work with the rhythms when they are played like that. The problem is the bounce is based around a fixed measure size for the visual width of the window, and how do you tie that with the Fibonacci Rhythms? It's certainly going to be possible some way or other but the issue is to find a solution that works well at the coding level.

Sonified Pendulum Wave

To find this go to More Windows and Options in the Rhythms drop menu for the Pro Bounce Metronome.

The sonified pendulum wave adds sound to pendulum waves type motions, using ideas from the Rhythmicon. see


For the original pendulum wave see

Harmonic interval trainer, pitch sensitivity, pitch pipes (for the future)

To find these go to More Windows and Options in the Rhythms drop menu for the Pro Bounce Metronome. Also if you need to, select Show melodic instruments etc... in the Instr. drop list.

The harmonic interval trainer / tester lets you listen to musical intervals similarly to the way an instrument tuner does, slightly adjusting the top pitch up and down, until you hear when it is in tune. It has options to boost the partials to make the beats easier to hear.

Here are some example soundclips from it:

Beat patterns around intervals such as 5/4, 23/19, 27/32 etc. by robertinventor

The pitch sensitivity trainer / tester tests for your sensitivity to a change of pitch played melodically - with no chord or drone accompaniment, and no overlapping notes.

I plan to add a "Pitch pipes and instrument tuning" option to the drop list of Bounce Metronome to help you with tuning various instruments, including e.g. guitar, mandolin, keyboard instruments etc, similar idea to the pitch pipes you get with some hardware metronomes. So the harmonic interval trainer / tester and pitch sensitivity trainer / tester will be part of that when it is ready.

You can already use it as pitch pipes by using the scales and entering the right frequencies or intervals - if you know what to do - so the new view will just be a case of putting all that together into a single main window and adding some suitable presets to help you get started.

tempo cycles with rhythms

Also renamed "lilt measures" to "tempo cycles of measures", or "tempo cycles" for short, and added an option to vary the rhythms as well, also to set the notation for each measure as quarter notes per measure, and to show the tempo as the tempo for quarter notes as an alternative to the % notation currently used.

New script tempo options

I added these new instructions to the drop list of special instructions in the more version of Tune Script (Ctrl + 171) to help you see how they work:

Tempo for = eighth note ! Sets how the Tempo = instruction is interpreted. ! You can use any note name e.g. eighth notes, dotted quarter notes etc.

Tempo for = part 1 ! The Tempo instruction sets the tempo for one of the parts

Tempo for = measure ! The Tempo instruction sets the tempo for the bar beat in bars per minute (this is the default) quarter notes per measure = 4 ! You can use any note name here, e.g. eighth notes, dotted quarter notes, etc.

Also some bug fixes. See also the change log in the wiki.