3D bounce now auto sizes like 2D Bounce. New rhythm cycle feature

This is a minor update, 18th September 2011. Also a bunch of minor bug fixes uploaded on the 19th and 23rd. For earlier updates, see Change Log

First, a new feature to let you use the rhythm cycles manually as well as automatically.

Also now the 3D bounce auto resizes to fit the window - particularly useful for conducting patterns.

Then there's a bug fix for a visual flicker effect you may sometimes get with fast rhythms.

Also a new "Change to Pro Metronome" option in the rhythms drop menu for Bounce Metronome Lite,


First,  the rhythm cycles are now synchronised with the list of time signatures in Tempo Dial - Preferences (Ctrl + 223)} - whenever you make a new rhythm cycle, the tempo dial list of time signatures and tempi changes to match it.

So - you can either run the rhythm cycle automatically, each rhythm for (say) 2 measures (or whatever number you like) - or you can use up / down arrow keys to step through the same list of rhythms manually.

To help with this there's a new option in Tempo Dial - Preferences (Ctrl + 223)  "Auto adjust new tempo".  This was needed to let the up / down arrows work exactly like the rhythm cycles, and makes it easy to play the same sequence of rhythms and tempi all just a bit faster or slower

Then for the auto resizing, there's a new option in 3D Bouncing Ball Visuals (Ctrl + 226) "Auto scale to fit window (for side view)" - this let's the 3D bounce auto resizes like the 2D bounce, so if you change from e.g. square window to one that is a lot wider than it is high then the bounce will auto stretch out horizontally to fit the window. This is especially useful for the conducting patterns.

Several minor bug fixes and one more important one. Sometimes with fast rhythms you may have found that the baton or bouncing ball will briefly "flicker" to the wrong position from time to time. If you did encounter this bug, it is now fixed.

Also - since it starts up first time as Bounce Metronome Lite with fewer features and options - added a "Change to Pro Metronome" to the rhythms drop menu. Same effect as choosing it in the drop list in the main window, but if you are very menu orienated you might not think to look there for some time. While the Rhythms drop menu is an obvious place to look for more rhythms if you can't see immediately how to get to them. 

Similarly added "Switch to Advanced Mode" to several of the drop menus such as Visuals and Rhythms as it might take you a while to find it under the Opts drop menu.

That's about it, also improvements in a couple of tool tips and other minor improvements.

Then on 19th September, very minor update, just fixes a minor issue in the automatic updater.

Get it here: Bounce Metronome Download Page

Details - see the Change Log and the Bug Fixes in the wiki