September 2011


Fibonacci Rhythm - no bar pattern, highly structured but never repeats - played on harmonics

"What's the best tuning for consonance, beauty, relaxation and peace. I don't want dissonance or tension that needs to resolve.". 

That was Jesse Thom's interesting question recently over at the Xenharmonic Alliance in facebook,

Youtube Video

This rhythmic pattern has no fixed measure size of any description - but it isn't free time either - it's highly structured.

 My idea was to take any very restful unchanging harmony - there are lots of possible choices, including the unison, but one natural choice is the harmonic series - and then use rhythms to maintain the interest.

My first thought was to use polyrhythms for the rhythmic interest, as in the harmonic polyrhythms of Bounce Metronome and the Lambdoma music therapy. But then thought, what about the Fibonacci rhythms? So this is the result.

These fascinating rhythmic patterns never repeat exactly at any time scale - but yet are highly structured. There must be a million different ways to approach her question, this is just one idea :)

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3D bounce now auto sizes like 2D Bounce. New rhythm cycle feature

This is a minor update, 18th September 2011. Also a bunch of minor bug fixes uploaded on the 19th and 23rd. For earlier updates, see Change Log

First, a new feature to let you use the rhythm cycles manually as well as automatically.

Also now the 3D bounce auto resizes to fit the window - particularly useful for conducting patterns.

Then there's a bug fix for a visual flicker effect you may sometimes get with fast rhythms.

Also a new "Change to Pro Metronome" option in the rhythms drop menu for Bounce Metronome Lite,

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