August 2011


Tweaks and Improvements for Netbooks, Touch Screens, integrated graphics, and Windows 7 Starter

Netbooks are of especial interest for a metronome since they are so portable - much like a mobile device.

Touch screens are a wave of the future, I think. I expect more and more people will use them, in iPad like devices. Musicians will find them especially useful as the technology matures - as control surfaces, instruments etc - and will also want to run metronomes on them because they are so portable.

Some of these run Windows 7 so will be able to run Bounce Metronome fine.

So when I got a new netbook recently it was a great opportunity to test Bounce Metronome on it thoroughly - with this in mind - I got a touch screen one as well, with integrated graphics (which slows down 3D animations), so lots of things to work on.

This upload should help you if you have any of those types of device.

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