Renamed "Super Simple Mode" to "Newbie Mode" and very minor bug fixes (New Upload, Friday 15th July 2011)

Renamed "Super Simple Mode" to "Newbie Mode" -  Newbie mode gives a more accurate idea - all the usual features there but leaves out the more advanced tweaks to give an interface more useful for newbies to the program.

Added Lissajous icon buttons to the Harmonic polyrhythm and harmonic polyrhythm cycle windows.

New push style check box in the Inharmonic Polyrhythms view which gives a quick way to set it up with a count starting at 0 - as for the videos of the Fibonacci sequence, and connection with the golden ratio rhythm.

Also some minor bug fixes.

Get it here: Bounce Metronome Download Page

See also the earlier update about the new Super Simple mode (now called Newbie Mode).

Details - see the Change Log and the Bug Fixes in the wiki