New "Super Simple" mode for newbies (Update: Friday 8th July 2011)

New "Super Simple" option in the Options drop menu - now also the default for new installs.

You still have the full range of rhythms of the advanced interface, and tempo features, and you can easily swap to the advanced mode if you want to. 

It hides all the advanced tweaks and rarely used options completely, to create a much simpler interface, especially for newbies to the program.

  • Simpler menus
  • Fewer windows
  • Simplest versions of the windows only (no "More" buttons).

Leaves out some rarely used features especially for midi and sound

Also less choice for some of the details of the visuals.

This is a good choice for a first time user of Bounce Metronome.

For more options and windows, at any time, choose "Advanced Mode" in the Options drop menu.

This should help newbies to the program to get used to it and find out where everything is, before you start diving in and exploring the more advance customizations, minor options and tweaks.

What gets left out?

Well lots of minor tweaks, details of the design of the tempo dial and 2D and 3D bounce, the sort of thing most programs wouldn't let you configure in the first place.

Then also a few features that are very important to just one or two musicians.

To take an example - if you want to watch a movie in the "sky" background as the balls bounce - with subtitles - this is a much desired feature for some musicians who practise with a metronome for hours on end each day and like to watch movies as they practise. But as far as actual numbers of users who use this feature, at least to judge by emails received, it seems likely that it is rarely used.

It is also a bit techy - no problem for a "fan" of the feature - but you need to obtain the movie subtitles as a ".srt file" so that Bounce Metronome can read them - and may also need to convert the movie into a format Bounce Metronome can read. A complete newbie to the program who sees this feature will probably expect Bounce Metronome to just browse to a DVD and play a movie with subtitles directly from the DVD. This could surely be programmed but there just hasn't been enough interest in the feature yet to set down and do it.

So anyway, I have left that out of the simpler interface.

There are quite a few options like that which are "must-have" features but for just a small number of musicians - sometimes I have only had wishes emails about the feature from a single user of the software. It is partly because I include all these features in the program that the menu and interface gets so huge in the "Advanced mode". So that's why I have had to leave them out to create a simpler interface.

If I get feedback about a significant missing feature in the simpler interface I can easily put it back in again.

See also Recent Highlights, and the Change Log in the wiki.