July 2011


Renamed "Super Simple Mode" to "Newbie Mode" and very minor bug fixes (New Upload, Friday 15th July 2011)

Renamed "Super Simple Mode" to "Newbie Mode" -  Newbie mode gives a more accurate idea - all the usual features there but leaves out the more advanced tweaks to give an interface more useful for newbies to the program.

Added Lissajous icon buttons to the Harmonic polyrhythm and harmonic polyrhythm cycle windows.

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New "Super Simple" mode for newbies (Update: Friday 8th July 2011)

New "Super Simple" option in the Options drop menu - now also the default for new installs.

You still have the full range of rhythms of the advanced interface, and tempo features, and you can easily swap to the advanced mode if you want to. 

It hides all the advanced tweaks and rarely used options completely, to create a much simpler interface, especially for newbies to the program.

  • Simpler menus
  • Fewer windows
  • Simplest versions of the windows only (no "More" buttons).

Leaves out some rarely used features especially for midi and sound

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