Tune Smithy Fractal Tunes with Lissajous 3D animations

It was a bit of a puzzle to know what to do for the video for fractal tunes for the Tune Smithy Bonus page. Just audio files on their own seemed rather dull with the rest of the site so rich in video content. And I did do a demo of how to make tune smithy tunes, but they didn't seem quite right either.

But then I had the idea of combining the Tune Smithy tunes with the Lissajous 3D patterns, and this is the result:

The Lissajous patterns are musically inspired and show the relationship between the frequencies of notes. But here the patterns have no particular connection with the tunes. I just chose visual patterns from the animations that come with Lissajous 3D that I thought went rather well with the music from Tune Smithy.

Anyway, so I think I might do some more of these, and put them up as a page of videos and a playlist.