Nice black on white accessibility video

This was another slight puzzle - what to do to make interesting videos for the page for visually impaired users. I wanted to do videos that were black on white for high contrast. Interesting rhythmically of course. Then - the obvious thing is to do one of the contrasting shapes for people who are completely colour-blind (monochromats).

So anyway this is what I ended up with, and thought it turned out rather well, interesting to look at and listen to:

Youtube Video

7:5:3:2 Polyrhythm showing use of shapes to distinguish the rhythms

It would be intersting to do more on this line, to make a whole page of black on white videos. There is something nice about black on white animations - sort of like animating text and fonts etc, kind of minimalist flavour to it too.

Here is where I use it: Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users.