New Bounce Metronome Update 26th June 2011

Bounce Metronome has been updated with the new searchable on-line wiki and other new features. As with all updates, go to the Download page to download the latest version.

Main updates

  • Added an on-line wiki with all the tool tip help - searchable and you can also use it with Auto Translate if English is your second language. Searchable help particularly is something I get asked for from time to time.
  • It also has FAQs, background material, the new version of the "How to use a metronome", and tutorials including video tutorials.
  • Sticky Bounces - I did it for the Bounce on Lyrics, but may be useful in other situations as well.  Ball halts momentarily at the start of each beat, in a very obvious way. 
  • Some other visuals improvements.
  • Fixed quite a few minor bugs, including a rarely encountered access violation
  • Updated version number to 4.2 to take account of all the changes since version 4.1 

For full details of all the updates and where to find them in Bounce Metronome, see the change log in the Wiki.