New Bounce Metronome Update 28th January 2011

Bounce Metronome has been updated with some new requested features and some helpful visual changes. As with all updates, go to the Download page to download the latest version.

Main updates

  • Bounce hidden for Play then Silent so that you have no visual cue during silent measures
  • The sea for the 3D Bounce window is now gentler moving and paler blue in colour as the previous animated vivid blue sea could be distracting for some users.

  • Do you use the bouncing stars? New option to make the number of points for the star match the number of subdivisions of a beat, rather than number of subdivsions in entire measure.
  • Tempo and Visuals drop down menu is better set out now, and some improvements in other menus as well.
  • Tempo dial visually more integrated into the main window skin, but you can uncheck this if you want
  • Some other visuals improvements. Fixed quite a few minor bugs.

For full details of all the updates and where to find them in Bounce Metronome, see the change log in the Wiki.